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Just like a recipe, your business needs are unique!

We offer flexible packages tailored to your individual needs, which may include any or all of our services. These include dry or cool storage, kitchen time, use of small or large equipment, assistance with labelling, and more. The information below serves as a general guideline, come in and talk to us about your specific needs!

Our hourly rates are as follows:

* $5 / day maintenance fees

* $5 / day coat rental (Clients may bring their own mock instead of renting)

Our membership fees are as follows:

* Liability insurance - Must be insured for 2 million listing Ottawa Food Hub as a beneficiary.  Proof of insurance must be provided prior to using the kitchen. 

* Orientation with our production staff will be provided to the member prior to using the space for the first time.

* Storage fees, $50/month/per pallet (48"x40"x40"). Beyond these dimensions charged for additional pallet space, storage offered in either Dry, Cold or Frozen

All prices listed above may be changed at our discretion without notice.


Well, Let's get Cookin'!  Apply here.

613-746-6662 | 1169 Parisien Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1B 4W4 | info@ottawakitchen.ca