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PVC Kitchen Backsplash Benefits

Posted on 25 June 2010 by admin

The kitchen backsplash as the term suggests is meant to take the splashes of the water and prevent liquid damage on the kitchen walls. However, along with this shielding role, kitchen backsplashes over a period of time have become the most stylish and flexible part of any kitchen design. The material used for the kitchen backsplash is almost limitless. Be it ceramics, stone, or steel backsplash it adds elegance to the kitchen. With ceramics you can create various murals, either custom made or readymade. Most kitchens using stone counters extend the same material to the backsplash too. It looks nice and stone is very stain resistant, scratch resistant and durable too. Stainless steel backsplash adds elegance and volume to the kitchen.  However, if you like the metallic look in your kitchen but cannot afford the cost of real steel, copper or brass, the PVC kitchen backsplash is the best and the most affordable solution.

The PVC kitchen backsplash rolls are available to closely resemble steel, tin or copper. Choose the one you like and with little patience and a few tips, you can do the installation project yourself. Apart from saving you big bucks that you would have to splurge on buying the real thing, it also saves you the cost of hiring a professional to do this. Moreover, it is very easy to be cleaned and maintained. So, if you have made up your mind to give a rustic or metallic look to your kitchen using the tin backsplash rolls, here is help.

Kitchen backsplash wall coverings are usually 26 ft long and 2 ft wide. It covers about 52 sq ft. Choose the one that you want and, along with it, get a good quality adhesive. Apply this on the edges and any raised crossed section of the sheet. Let it dry. It usually takes 15-20 minutes. However, follow the instructions printed on the container. Once dried, just stick it on the surface. For further queries and guidance, you can view do-it-yourself user submitted videos of PVC kitchen backsplash installations.

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